Quality Cleaning Services

Post Construction

Post construction clean up services require the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the highest quality of work. Our cleaning services can also include green seal certified or environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.

This cleaning service is specifically designed for homeowners or businesses who have done remodeling and need to rid their home, office or apartment of the dust and minor debris that is left behind. With a highly trained team who are extremely familiar with this type of work and equipment for this very special and detailed cleaning service.

In addition, our Construction Cleaning Supervisors are well trained to perform regular inspections on the work performed at your facility and keep you informed of the progress.

We perform Rough, Final and Touch Up Post Construction Cleaning to remove dirt, dust and debris from such areas as but not limited to:

Janitorial Services

Your business will not only look clean and smell clean it will actually be a cleaner, healthier place to work. Office environments require careful dusting and wiping, floor care, thorough restroom cleaning and trash removal. Some offices have lobbies and conference rooms that are frequently used by customers and visitors; areas that are rarely used, such as unoccupied office space; call centers with hundreds of cubicles and phones; glass that needs to be cleaned monthly; or special equipment that needs care.

Windows Cleaning

Cleaning the windows makes your entire facility sparkle. Natural light shines into the area without being darkened by dirt and streaks on the windows. With the proper equipment and expertise to clean all of your windows. Get a clear view of the world around you and let the sunshine in when you windows are properly washed by a professional. Dust, grime and traffic can give your windows a dusty appearance. This also prevents the maximum amount of outdoor light from entering your premises.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Storefront, single and multi-tenant buildings and commercial buildings are many of the different types of facilities where we offer window cleaning. We use only industry specific window cleaning agents and materials to deliver streak free results and impeccable clarity.

Residential Window Cleaning

Remove residue and spots from the interior and exterior window, frames and tracks of your home. In addition, we specialize in window cleaning in post construction rough cleaning for residential homes, condominiums, and custom villas. Our Window Cleaning technicians are trained with distinctive attention to detail, perfect for unique windows such as picture/fixed and large pane windows.

Commercial Construction

Whether you want weekly, light cleaning, one-time cleaning after an extensive restoration, or specialized medical cleaning, We can customize a cleaning package to meet your needs. Small office with just a few employees, or if you are looking for commercial cleaning for an entire office building, our professional cleaners will work with you to design an office cleaning schedule that fits your unique needs.

Pressure Washing

To maintain the appearance and value of your home, periodic cleaning of
exterior surfaces is recommended. This may include power washing your
house, deck cleaning and sealing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio
cleaning and sealing, concrete walk and driveway cleaning.

The frequency
of cleaning will depend on local conditions. Cleaning can greatly slow
the ravages of nature and it will definitely enhance the beauty and
preserve the value and livability of your home or business. Your place of
business is a very important asset.

How it looks plays a vital part in
how your customers and potential customers feel about you and your
Pressure cleaning services for interior surfaces and exterior. Our power washing service removes grime from condos, pool areas, shopping centers, community walkways, club houses, commercial properties, estate homes.

Pressure washing: BEFORE.

Pressure washing: AFTER.

Moving in / Moving out

Our move in cleaning services consists of everything in a routine cleaning [1], plus deep cleaning of the baseboards, oven, stove, refrigerator, ceiling fans, and cabinets and drawers. We can also provide all the necessary cleaning supplies if requested.


Move in cleaning services, move out cleaning services as well as cleaning services for real estate companies. Commercial building, office complex or even a single small office are all available.


The professionals have the knowledge and qualifications to provide the highest quality buffing and waxing services [2] for any type of floor. They are trained in the maintenance and restoration of all hardwood, tile, ceramic and vinyl floors.

Professional Marble Cleaning Service

Fine Marble flooring is an investment for your home or business, and adds value and prestige to your establishment. However, fine flooring , needs satin care!
Professional cleaning is important for keeping marble stone looking new and protecting the surface from stains and scratches. Restoration is key to your marble floors longevity.

Porter Groundskeeping

Our service offers light building and parking lot maintenance for homeowner associations, corporate buildings, shopping centers, high rises, and small businesses. Action Cleaning utilizes the latest building maintenance equipment, porter service techniques and commercial cleaning supplies.

Verified Employees

Best Customer Support

Building Maintenance

Action Cleaning provides professional janitorial services to meet business owners’ and contractors needs. Our janitorial cleaning services offer complete commercial office cleaning and building maintenance. It is extremely important to us to understand our costumer’s expectations with respect to the detail you require, density of the areas cleaning needs.
Our professional and highly trained staff can handle your janitorial needs 24 hours a day, regardless of the complexity and meet your exacting standards. We offer reasonably priced customized commercial cleaning contracts, affordable to small business owners and corporate headquarters alike.